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How to create your own personal travel experience?

In this age of Instagram and influencers, of peer pressure and FOMO, it sometimes feels as if traveling has fallen victim to human heard behavior on an unprecedented scale. Human beings are easily influenced and not only the travel business is making good use of that, so are today’s internet influencers.

Let’s be honest: how many times do you come across posts on social media about what someone else did or where they went and you exclaim: “Oh look! That looks amazing, I want to do that too!” We see the ‘perfect’ picture or video on Instagram and we think: “I want to go there too!” – Only to be disappointed when it turns out the place looks much different in reality. It always does.

How to create your own personal travel experience?

Why would you just follow the footsteps of others? Just to be able to say you have been there? To check the so-called ‘must-sees’ off your bucket list? To snap that Instagram-worthy photo like so many others have done before you?

Why live someone else’s adventure? Why imitate? Traveling is so much more – or at least should be – than following the crowds. That doesn’t mean you should not go – just go for the right reasons. Traveling Dutchie believes there are no ‘must-sees’, only ‘I-would-like-to-sees’. Don’t let others decide for you what is on your bucket list!

There are no ‘must-sees’, only ‘I-would-like-to-sees’.

Traveling Dutchie

Maybe you like the hustle and bustle of cities, maybe you prefer peace and quiet. Maybe the local nightlife is what appeals to you. Or maybe it’s museums or local cuisine. Maybe you’re into adventure sports and you want to go skydiving. Or maybe you opt to go wine tasting instead, or visit local museums. And that’s OK. It’s all OK. (Even staying at home, but I don’t think you’d be reading this if you preferred to 🙂 .)

It’s simply impossible to provide you with one-size-fits-all travel plans. Every journey is personal – and it should be. Tailor-made according to your own preferences and interests. You get to decide where you want to go, what to see and what to do. And by doing so, have the best travel experience – that is: the best for you.

Traveling Dutchie is here to help you travel your own way. Browse for inspiration, read tips and advice, explore the suggestions, and start planning your own adventure. If you are unsure where to start, read this post for helpful tips.

Be critical as well as creative: make your own itinerary that includes what excites you, even if nobody else goes there, and leave out what you don’t like, even if others tell you it’s ‘not to be missed.’ Find the right balance: your travels  don’t have to be unique in every way, but you don’t have to blindly follow the crowds either. As a traveler, try to be less of a herd animal and more you instead.