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    What to bring?

    As a frequent visitor of airports, it never ceases to amaze me how much stuff people bring when they go on a journey. Huge suitcases are stacked on top of each other on baggage carts as if there is no limit to the baggage you can bring. Two or three suitcases per person is not an exception. I always wonder…

  • booking accommodation
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    Booking accommodation

    For travelers, accommodation is one of the major expenses. And sleepless nights in dreadful places can ruin the trip you were so much looking forward to. So you have to choose wisely where you will be staying during your travels. At most travel destinations, there is a wide variety of accommodation available, ranging from cheap hostels to luxurous resorts and…

  • travel your own way
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    Travel your own way

    There is something contradictory about traveling these days: on one hand the internet is providing aspiring travelers with alluring stories about ‘hidden gems’, ‘secret destinations’ and ‘off the beaten tracks’, while on the other hand everybody seems to be doing what everybody else is doing, going to the same tourist destinations en masse. Browsing the internet you may get overwhelmed…

  • travel essentials
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    Travel essentials

    Traveling is great fun, yet it also requires some serious preparation. Among all the things you have to think about when you are going on a trip, there are a few that are more important than others. Of prime importance, I’d say. And no, it’s not whether or not you should bring your swimgear. Here are four things that require…

  • booking a flight
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    Booking a flight

    How do I book an airline ticket? Where do I start? How do I find the best deal? If you are planning a trip involving one or more flights, you may have many questions. And finding simple, practical help and honest advice on the vast world wide web is not that easy. There’s a lot of myths and misleading information…

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    Traveling Solo

    This website might as well been called Traveling Solo, because most times that’s what I do. Over the course of the years I have been to many places around the globe by myself, gaining a lot of experience with the upsides and downsides of traveling solo. For sure, it’s great to travel with someone who shares your passion for travel,…

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    Plan ahead or go with the flow?

    There are different kinds of people and different ways to travel. If you prefer to go on package holidays, everything will be arranged for you and everything you will be doing will be clear beforehand. You have no choice. But what if you prefer to venture out on your own? Then it’s up to you to decide: Do you want…