About me

Chile, 2020

Hey! My name is Menno and I was born and raised in The Netherlands – hence the name of this website. Never having left my home country as a kid, I have been traveling the world my whole adult life. I feel very fortunate and thankful that I have been able to visit many incredibly beautiful places around the world.

So far I have visited more than sixty countries on all continents except Antarctica. Some of them I have visited more than once. And there’s a lot more I hope to visit in the future. If I haven’t been there, it’s on my list! Most times I either have just returned from a trip or are planning the next. Not traveling is not an option for me. 🙂

For me, traveling is so exciting and inspiring because there are so many incredibly beautiful places to visit, experience and enjoy. Traveling gives you a sense of freedom that not many other things do. It makes you feel alive. And there’s so much you learn by traveling the world. Histories you don’t know yet, cultures you’re not familiar with. Traveling broadens your scope and alters your perspective on the world. Every trip is a learning experience.

“Travel is a love story and destinations are lovers.”

Matthew Trinetti
Argentina, 2016

People are different and there are different kinds of travelers. So what kind of traveler is Traveling Dutchie? Well, this website might as well been called Traveling Solo, because most times that’s what I do. In the past I have also traveled with a partner (but that position is vacant 😉) and a couple of times I have joined organized tours. But if you ask me, nothing beats making your own plans.

Most of my journeys are round trips. I almost never stay in one place, instead I travel about to see as much as I can of the varied cities, landscapes, people and nature. I prefer to have my own wheels, but depending on the destination I also travel by air, train, bus, bike, taxi, boat, rickshaw, you name it.

You will not find me in all-inclusive resorts – if that’s your thing, Traveling Dutchie is not for you. I like to venture out and explore. My trips are always quite active – it’s called traveling, not vacationing, for a reason! I sometimes joke that when I come home after a journey, I need a vacation. 🙂

I take a lot of photos during my travels. My camera is my best travel companion and always at hand when I’m on the road. Whoever joins me on a trip has to bear with me every now and then, if I want to photograph something from different angles or when I’m waiting until all people have left the frame…

And I believe that part of the experience is to learn a bit more about the places you visit. To know what you are actually looking at, about its history before you – twenty-first century traveler – entered the room. It makes the places you visit more interesting and gives your experience more depth.

“There is something about the momentum of travel that makes you want to just keep moving, to never stop.”

Bill Bryson
Morocco, 2009

In the end, traveling is a highly personal experience. Different people have different interests. What is interesting to me, may not be interesting to you. And that’s okay. But one little advice I’d like to give to the aspiring traveler: Be open, be curious!

So, if you’re going to explore this website, this is what you’ll encounter in my travelogues and stories:

Nature – lush forests, soaring mountains, winding rivers, deep blue seas

Culture – different ways of living, traditions, habits, food, art, architecture

History – fascinating stories, how did this all come to be?

Photography – trying to capture what I see

Whether it’s on the other end of the world or close to home, a city trip or a three week journey, this is what I look for when I choose my next travel destination and what my travelogues and stories on this website will be about. I hope you’ll like it!

Read more about this website here. Do you have a question? Or a comment? Or do you just want to say ‘hi’? Please feel free to contact me.