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More fun facts

There’s something about every travel destination on Earth that makes it unique, or weird, or funny. Little ‘nice to knows’, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but if you ask me, always interesting. Traveling Dutchie has collected some of these fun facts for you. Hope you’ll like them too!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

In Slovenia wine is not served by the glass, but by the deciliter. That’s half a glass, or a small glass, depending on how big your glass is and how much you pour into it. The prices on the wine list are therefore per deciliter. If you prefer a well-filled glass, you can order a double (or “two deci”).

Denmark has the oldest national flag still in use. It is believed to have existed since the mid 13th century and it became the official flag of Denmark in 1625.

In the United Arab Emirates, a man and a woman are not allowed to share a hotel room if they are not married. In reality this is not enforced though.

Malta has the smallest capital of the European Union: Valletta. Smallest in area size that is, not in population (that would be Vatican City).

Talking about capitals: There are only two capital cities in the world that are below sea level: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Baku (Azerbaijan).

Okay, that’s it for now. More fun facts will be added, so please do come back!