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Costa Rica
Costa Rica, 2011


When I’m on the road I keep a journal which turns into a travelogue after I return. I write about what I did and where I went, about the places I visited, what I liked (and what not). At Traveling Dutchie I share my impressions and stories with you. Reading them hopefully you will find some inspiration for your own next trip.

(Note: Reading older travelogues, you’ll notice that they are shorter and less informative. This reflects how I have changed. Over the years my interests have shifted and my style of writing has changed, and so have my travelogues.)

Independent and ad-free

Check out a random travel blog and chances are it’s full of advertisements and affiliate links. Which means the blogger gets paid a commission everytime you click on one of them. That’s how they sustain their website. It also means that they probably won’t write anything negative about the companies that advertise on their blogs or the websites they’re affiliated with. Traveling Dutchie doesn’t work that way. This is an independent website: Not for profit. Ad-free. Affiliate-free. Cookie-free.

Helpful advice

At Traveling Dutchie I share my personal experience with you – including negative ones – and give you honest advice about which beautiful, interesting, breathtaking places are worthwhile visiting – and which are not. My recommendations are just that; it’s up to you to decide if you want to go and see for yourself – or not. But I do hope my stories will get you excited to start venturing out on your own.

Peru, 2013

Practical tips

If you ask me, nothing beats making your own travel plans, figuring out where to go and when, how to get there, what to see and do. Scary? No, exciting! Making travel plans is part of the fun! Therefore Traveling Dutchie provides you with practical tips you can use to create your own custom-made Do It Yourself trips.

Real photos

I love photography. My camera is my best travel companion and always at hand when I am on the road. So with my travelogues I also share pictures from my trips with you. All photos you see on this website are made by Traveling Dutchie. No stock photos, no filters, no pictures photoshopped to perfection – what you see is what I saw.